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Baha'i Poetry Workshop
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Friday, January 28th, 2005
1:05 pm
It's been quiet. Anybody still here?

The release of that which was precious—
the bending of hope to the curve of the light—
these things draw blessings.
A daughter of Abraham
abandons the birth-pride of God’s chosen people
on the faint touch of what might become conviction
that Glory encompasses us all.
Know this, young heroine: nothing is lost.
Blessings descend upon you,
daughter of Bahá.
Saturday, November 20th, 2004
2:12 pm
I'd love to read you some poetry that others have written. I don't much about poetry though (aka why I joined this) so I may not be able to give to much advice on how to improve but I'll try. ;)

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Friday, November 19th, 2004
6:21 pm
My 3 most recent poems
I've already posted two of these on Bahaiyouth.com but since the poetry thread began a long time ago people don't usually comment:

As I walk down the street the soul calls out “Who is Baha
‘u’llah? My lips can’t pronounce
The name my soul crowns in gold.”
Before I hear another syllable,
My heart’s been sold
Not sold out but head over heels
Obedience without reason
But only to the unseeing eye
The unfaithful send out their spy
Maybe they forgot to close one eye
To the world and all that is therein
Open the other within
To the hallow beauty of the Beloved
Obedience without reason
“No,” cries the lover.
“My yearning heart knows no treason.
I have all my faculties
Not a marble on the ground
For once, I see the realities!”
The warm breeze brings me down to my knees
When yesterday I was left in the cold
Nothing so fresh brings such a revival
as my Faith 160 years old
Certitude, interlude…
Faith from the Kitab-i-Ahd
My role?
Still 6 billion need to know He’s the Glory of God

Call it a phase.
This shall I not accept
Elation, ecstasy, rapture.
I want out of the phase phase.
I want this to be me.
I need this to me my state.
My fate as it is with the sincere
Who serve and pass and rise
Because their home was never here
Past a mere stage stage.
I refuse to await the rage.
I refuse to accept inevitable
I turn the pages that voice my desires.
Eloquence: tells what I yearn (without the ego)
Shouldn’t we go
Back to the source
By that crimson fuel to this eternal fire
Let not a tear dampen the desire
O for the plight of the moth!
A myriad lives he would forsake.
O for the angels!
Oh for the fire to warm the snow!
Somewhere I cry
That’s me! That’s me!
Oh to hasten to the abode
My only home
This empty earth grabs not my heart
It has no grip to take the spiritual
Take thy hold of one content with material.

How sweet thy chalice of martyrdom to the distraught lover!
And how welcome are the tears that water the rose of love!
“His breast is void of patience”
Separation has consumed the heart
Oh for reunion with my fifteen loved
After a separation so bitter and sour that the eyes weep endless tears
“In spirit we are united”
Then cast off this arbitrary, futile cage
A distance of a thousand miles would be overlooked with a single blink
Distance causes my heart to cling tighter
Nay the bond cannot be broken unless I myself were broken
Distance is as fuel to the flame
Oh that my blazing soul could consume this prison
But the two dwell on different realms
Why, when, the separation
“Ye are the waves of that sea”
Make us the drops of that ocean
Our identities wholly forgotten
We the descendants call the Dawnbreakers
Join us with thy intimate circle
That we may forget ourselves
Were it not for the longing, the yearning, the separation, the tears…the yearning
Would our tongue be sensitized to the sweetness?
Would the soothing honey be wafted through a sour nostrel?
No, the sweetness would remain undetected
But for the obscuring tears, would not the brightness of our reunion illumine with such brightness to cause all to turn away
“Oh Angels of Fire and Snow”
Then bring Thy tests that we may cleansed
Bring Thy heart-hallowing separation that we may be filled a common beat

Other than the first these are a bit unpolished and I have a few others that are just fragments. Please feel free to comment.


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Sunday, August 8th, 2004
10:42 am
little thoughts.
We Pray

Because the future
is a sweetness on the tongue,
a honeyed promise
of the Kingdom.
Friday, July 2nd, 2004
5:36 pm
It's been quiet around here for a while.
As a little bit of explanation for this piece, I've been doing a summer of service at the Native American Baha'i Institute out in the Navajo Nation. I wrote this the day after the most recent sweatlodge I attended (unrelated to the Institute).

I Rise Up

in the smell of sage and sweat,
leaving my shame in the earth
that is large enough to hold it.

I do not know that I should not be here.
I do not forget that I do not belong.

I walk over the earth,
its canyons and mudflows,
and the red mountain of my dreams.

This land of our ancestors is holy.

But this is neither my land, nor the land
of my ancestors, who have long since been
from their earthly origins.
By their own traditions,
I inherit nothing,
not even diaspora.

It is we, the halfbreeds, who must believe in
the Kingdom of God—
it is the only home
we can ever hope to see.
It is we, the mongrels,
eternal exiles of the root,
who understand
that it is the earth that owns us,
while we walk here,
living above it.

I rise up in the smell
of sweat and sage,
and walk over the earth:
and its teachers,
and its preachers,
and its pirates,
and its beauty queens,
and its children—
the five-fingered people that we are—
taking shelter here for the span of a life
until the time arrives that we are all called

to come home.
Friday, April 30th, 2004
3:45 pm
Allah-u-Abha, Friends.
My name's Katherine, and I've met some of you on either LJBahai or BahaiYouth.com (or both!). With the semester ending soon, I should have more time for poetry. It's such a comfort to be with other poets who are trying to describe the indescribable experience of living in this Day. Much love to all of you!

Ala, 160 B.E.

It’s 5 AM,
and we’re making breakfast burritos,
three Bahá’ís, a Quaker, and a Catholic,
preparing for the morning we will see when our eyes adjust,
preparing for

or something in our souls
to break

wide open
like eggs,
revealing a sun.
Friday, April 23rd, 2004
1:30 am
Well, we've got 5 members, including myself, right now. It would be nice to see some more of your work :) I wonder if the info page comes across too strict. Does it seem that way to you? I want this to be a community based on encouragement, but also real growth (ie. not just "wow, you guys are great!!!" comments, but real, helpful critiques by which we may all improve our writing)

If any of you have suggestions for how we can make this a better community (and get a few more people involved) I'm all ears. Here's a poem of mine:

(I went back and modified this poem b/c of a flaw that I ran across, just a minor change.)

i am

always outside of this moment,
carried off into
distorted reflections:
imaginations within imagination

i am

lamenting the loss
of dirty rags and candy coins;
empty hands clawing
at earth's dirty floor

i am

lost in a web of theories,
choking on contrived phrases,
a mastermind of table scraps
(ideas about ideas about ideas about...)

i am

light and beauty,
glory of divine craftsmanship,
highest end and purpose
of all created things

i am

the universe
folded within itself,
a mighty throne of
God's revelation

i am

awakening, though slowly,
still mostly unaware
of the supreme bliss
it is to truly realize:

i am

quote to go with the poemCollapse )
Sunday, April 11th, 2004
9:21 pm
hello oh poets of the kingdom!
Allah'u'Abha friends! just found out about this on BY.com. such a great idea! have been looking for a place to share and read spiritually-inspired (and sometimes not so spiritually-inspired) poetry. and to get to know, encourage, and learn from other aspiring poets!

so, guess i'll start out by posting a poem...
this is about all sorts, especially the relationship between self, God, soul and desire, and all that good stuff :)
feel free to comment/critique. I wrote it while on a study abroad program in South Africa about two months ago.

'and grow, o life'

beware, i am soft-spoken
a breeze in the gale of conversation
a silent noisy, fuzzy satin postcard
from a memory.
so know that so and so, my love,
on such and such a day,
awoke the slumbering You, o life,
deep in my heart and lungs.
Then whispered hot wet breathy words
that made my lashes jump.
From soul, o life, 'I am Yourself'
To grow into, 'You are myself'
And sit feet-dangling, soggy-toe,
upon the ancient raft of Faith
Navigating awkwardly the ocean You inspire.
To reconcile what I want,
with what my soul desires.

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Thursday, April 8th, 2004
12:22 am
I'll go ahead and stick one up (about our inherently noble nature):

I thought it was me it was
a series of disjointed frequencies
not a song, no melody just
rattling strings on a cheap guitar
played, drunken, thoughtlessly
to the annoyance of
everyone within earshot.

Was it my face was it
a pile of scattered cards
littering the floor
of a vacant lot,
befriended only by shards of
what was previously a window?

Apparently I was mistaken.

What it was it was
perfect rhythm, sweet harmony:
the groove of all creation,
a jam session like you
wouldn't believe it
was me.

I tell you it was
hanging gardens stretched
across fields of fiery roses:
accents of paradise, fragrances of heaven
you wouldn't believe your eyes
if you saw it
was us.
Thursday, April 1st, 2004
2:50 am
Ok, so I done created this here poetry workshop. I hope it can be a positive environment where we can all grow together as writers.

Please read the intro if you haven't. As it says, if you think there needs to be something added or changed, please let me know.

Feel free to post poems here and we can get started. Remember, tis more blessed to give than receive. (ie. give comments on other people's stuff and don't post 5 of your poems in a row!!!)
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