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hello oh poets of the kingdom!

Allah'u'Abha friends! just found out about this on BY.com. such a great idea! have been looking for a place to share and read spiritually-inspired (and sometimes not so spiritually-inspired) poetry. and to get to know, encourage, and learn from other aspiring poets!

so, guess i'll start out by posting a poem...
this is about all sorts, especially the relationship between self, God, soul and desire, and all that good stuff :)
feel free to comment/critique. I wrote it while on a study abroad program in South Africa about two months ago.

'and grow, o life'

beware, i am soft-spoken
a breeze in the gale of conversation
a silent noisy, fuzzy satin postcard
from a memory.
so know that so and so, my love,
on such and such a day,
awoke the slumbering You, o life,
deep in my heart and lungs.
Then whispered hot wet breathy words
that made my lashes jump.
From soul, o life, 'I am Yourself'
To grow into, 'You are myself'
And sit feet-dangling, soggy-toe,
upon the ancient raft of Faith
Navigating awkwardly the ocean You inspire.
To reconcile what I want,
with what my soul desires.
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