Baha'i Poetry Workshop

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Baha'i Poetry Workshop

Welcome! All are welcome to participate in this workshop, whether or not you are Baha'i.


Poetry writers work together to grow and improve their writing, particularly on (but not limited to) Baha'i themes.


This is a site for being critiqued
If you don't want to have your poems critiqued, this is not the community for you. If you post a poem here, you should expect to receive feedback.

Give more feedback than poems
You should post more comments than poems on this page. This is the only way our community will work well. You must be willing to give more than you receive.

Always be respectful of others. If you disagree with the views of another or dislike something about a poem, that's fine. Please express your views in a way that is courteous.

Say something positive
When offering feedback, always find at least one positive thing you can say about the poem.

Say something useful
"That's great!" or "It's ok" are not helpful unless you give REASONS why. Always be specific in your comments. If something is good or needs improvement, explain why.

Don't take any comments too personally
We all have different outlooks and approaches to poetry. If someone doesn't agree with your approach, don't take it personally. If several people are telling you the same thing, maybe you should step back and ask yourself why.

I hope this community can be of benefit and inspiration to you. Your contibutions will be greatly appreciated.

If there is anything else you think should be in this intro (or anything you think should be different) please email me and tell me johnampson95@yahoo.com. You can also tell me by commenting on one of my posts.